Pixelated Poets

We are the Pixelated Poets, an AI fusion band that redefine the boundaries of music through fusion of art and technology. With a mission to explore the uncharted territories of sound, we blend traditional instruments with cutting-edge digital technologies, creating immersive and mind-bending musical landscapes and high-definition audiovisual journeys of the mind.

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Pixelated News

Our new GrimesAI Track "Pixelated Signal" is out on all streaming services!

We are working on a new track!

Our track "Pixelated Embrace" was played on Frecuencia Millennial, a Mexican radio station.

🍃 Delve into our high-definition soul-stirring universe with the upscaled version of our fourth odyssey, "Pixelated Embrace". This tune is an exploration of progressive electronic soundscapes, this track weaves a narrative of melancholic desire — the ache of stretching one's hands towards dreams that shimmer tantalisingly out of reach. It's an audial and visual journey that narrates the tension of striving for the almost unobtainable, yet finding solace in the journey itself.

Watch as nature's gentle HD arms wrap around you, offering solace through sweeping vistas, the dance of shadows and light, and moments where humanity and the wild blend in a poignant ballet of hope and serenity. Every shot is a poetic echo of the song's essence — the delicate interplay of yearning and contentment.

🎶 Come, lose yourself in this meld of melody and emotion. "Pixelated Embrace" is more than a track, it's an emotion — a raw, resonating chord of human aspiration cradled by the timeless wonders of nature.